Conference with chebicala

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gigne : hy indigo child
chebicala: Hey.. Hey.. Stop calling me 'indigo'
gigne : i cant stop it
gigne : hy
chebicala: Wht??
gigne : i know
gigne : u are spesial
chebicala: Special??
gigne : n you was know it long time ago
gigne : why do you reject that gift?
chebicala: I'm very confuse about it.. I don't know how to stop it
gigne : dont kill them
chebicala: Bcz it make me crazy
gigne : they are part of ur soul
gigne : just control it
chebicala: I don't know how to control it
gigne : keep breathing
gigne : dont scare about it
chebicala: But it make me shock..
gigne : i will teach u
gigne : if you reject it, he will be even less controllable
gigne : he is another of you
gigne : so you can control it
gigne : introduce yourself
gigne : then ask he's name
chebicala: In fact, i can't see him.. How can i control him??
gigne : if he not answer, you can give name for him
gigne : you cant see him, but u can feel existence of him
chebicala: Wht?? I'm scared bcz of it n now i must talk to him
gigne : he is your too
gigne : he part of ur soul
gigne : stand up
gigne : i help u to control it
gigne : now stand up
chebicala: Okay.. Okay.. I'll try it if i have much time